Shroom Kingdom

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Shroom Kingdom is a building and jump'n'run game, that is inspired by traditional games of the genre. Active players will be rewarded with a token by participating in the game.

All assets that will be used in Shroom Kingdom are user provided. Players can either use the original assets from the game Super Mario Maker 2 or it is alternatively possible to use game modifications with assets that are user created. It is not mandatory to use original assets, since once the game launches a good default of assets will be provided. Please read the chapter "How to play" to learn more about the details.

The main activities in the game are:

Players can earn tokens by participating in these game activities. The native token that will be used for all activities is called Shroom (SHRM). Since SHRM tokens will be provided for playing the game, there won't be an upper limit. The exact token economics are explained in its chapter.