User Onboarding

Shroom Kingdom runs on the NEAR Protocol blockchain. To use all features of the platform a user must create and connect a NEAR wallet to his account.

To make the onboarding process of new players from Web2 as easy as possible, there will alternatively be an option to create an account via Discord OAuth2 login. A wallet will be generated for the user, which will be managed by the application. The application will keep track of how many SHRM tokens the user posseses. The user can always decide to claim his account by creating a key pair and asking the application to transfer ownership.

The onboarding process of new players is free as there is no investment required to play the game. Players can start earning SHRM tokens by playing levels. Once they earned enough tokens, they can go to a DEX and exchange SHRM tokens for NEAR tokens to pay gas fees.

This onboarding process fits to the general consensus of NEAR Protocol as being one of the blockchain technologies with astounding UX.