Game Activities

Building Levels

Levels can be built off-chain, while still in development.

All APIs will be served from Cloudflare Workers.

Once a level is ready for public, a user can decide to mint it as an NFT and make it available for other players.

Playing Levels


100 Trial Challenge


Super Virtual World

In Shroom Kingdom everyone can build his/her own Kingdom!

Super Virtual Worlds (SVW) are a form of Virtual Lands and are our interpretation of Super Worlds . SVWs can be purchased on our (upcoming) NFT marketplace in exchange for NEAR tokens.

SVWs are 2-dimensional top-down maps, that can be edited by its owner. You can place your NFT levels and connect them via paths to let other players have a more challenging and more fun way to play through your list of levels, thus it is an easy way to advertise them.

To make SVWs even more compelling there will also be a variety of NFTs that can be additionally placed on the map and players can interact with them to get temporary upgrades or boosts. These special NFTs can be minted by all players after achieving several milestones or you can get them as a reward from challenges.