Decentralized Autonomous Organization

This chapter will talk about the way the community is incentivised to participate and how this system of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) works.

What a DAO is

A DAO is a form of government that is responsible for the blockchain. It has to follow rules that are transparent to everyone and as many decisions as possible will be decided following these pre-defined rules. This will happen either automatically (through contracts), by the whole community or by a council. How to become a member and who is a member should be transparent to the community and in theory these people are supposed to make decisions that represent the community in a pre-determined form, rather than making decisions for their own good. The community then can make proposals that are then voted for or against within these guidelines.

The Shroom Kingdom DAO

For Shroom Kingdom Sputnik DAO will be used. This is a DAO of DAOs that has tools to make the process of proposals and votes possible for small DAOs. Shroom Kingdom DAO will have a council, which at the time of writing only consists of the founder. More members will be added as the project grows and matures.

The members of the DAO or temporary supporters of the project will be able to receive payouts via Sputnik DAO, that will be approved by the council or specific members of it. Applications to join the DAO can be made on Shroom Kingdom's Discord server , where you can find a list of open positions and available tasks.

Workload And Payouts

The payout will be in SHRM and depends on the task and position. After the succesful launch of the IDO, it will also be possible to get payouts in NEAR for certain tasks and positions. In general, to receive payouts you need a NEAR wallet and there is no predefined workload. In general the DAO is looking for self-motivated and self-determined members to join them. Every member should be able to do whatever is possible and enjoyable for him, depending on his own circumstances.

For more information about the token economics of SHRM see Token Economics.